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Since 2007, TopRankings has been the trusted SEO Agency to deliver superior and sustainable white hat results in highly competitive industries. It’s our experience that makes all the difference.

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Our SEO results speak for us, and together with a list of Australia’s most respected brands that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, we’re proud to boast one of the highest client loyalty rates for our industry.

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Never fond of the hard sell or imposing the limitations of keyword packaged Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, we deliver a highly customised, diagnostic and strategic approach to SEO. Our client’s dominant online presence has been made possible, through our controlled approach towards the quantity of clients we represent in our portfolio at any given time. If your company is experiencing stagnation in its SEO Campaign, then TopRankings is the right fit Melbourne SEO Company for you.

The industry has evolved

Today’s Clients

Informed Astute Savvy

Today’s clients have fast matured. They are well informed, astute and savvy about SEO and more specifically around realistic timeframes to deliver page #1 results ethically. They therefore quickly dismiss considering SEO Agencies that employ unethical sales tactics including ‘90 day keyword performance guarantees’, and furthermore frown upon ‘SEO Keyword Packaged’ solutions that limit their online reach potential.

Clients understand that SEO requires a highly customised approach and a campaign’s performance towards a stronger dominant online presence, takes into consideration a considerable number of factors including; a website’s SEO history, the competitive nature of the industry, desired keywords, and the online competitor landscape.

Accountability & Transparency

Clients seek more than a monthly campaign performance report delivered to their inbox. Beyond the monthly reports tracking their rankings, they desire a general understanding of their campaign performance progress and value receiving insights periodically, pertaining to the actual technical SEO steps applied to their campaign in the previous quarter, as well as additional insights into the activity planned ahead to retain their superior positioning or acquire a greater online presence against industry competitors.

Measuring ROI

Measurement is critical to success, however measuring the performance of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign must go a step further than just glancing at the number of phrases that rank on page #1 of Google.

A key performance tool to help track the progress of an SEO Campaign is Google Analytics. The data available from Google Analytics is highly insightful, assisting clients to gain an appreciation of key metrics including:

  1. Traffic by Channel Source: Helping to attribute the percentage of traffic acquired from organic search vs paid search.
  2. Traffic by Search Phrase: Highlighting key performing phrases attracting qualified visitors to the website.
  3. Average Time on Site: Narrowing down visitor engagement and page views on the website to determine relevancy of targeted search phrases.
  4. Period Comparisons: Identifying campaign traction month to month, to highlight the performance of the campaign.
  5. Conversion Analysis: Identifying which channels delivered the most enquiries / sales – goal conversions.

Beyond SEO

Why SEO must blend with other website strategies to generate a stronger ROI.

It’s not enough these days to simply bring leads to a website through SEO rankings, and ‘hope for the best’ in terms of enquiries or sales. Of critical importance is implementing a number of conversion best practices site wide to help maximise ROI.

    • ATTRACT: Attract customers by springboarding off AdWords success, and targeting the same search phrases already proven to yield results.
    • RETAIN: Retain customers attention and interest through effectively written copywriting that is both compliant for SEO purposes but compelling for visitors readers.
    • INTERACT: Interact with customers via a managed Live Chat service.
    • TRUST: Instil credibility and trust factors site-wide via the display of statistics, accreditations, testimonials, case studies and press mentions. Another key trust factor is providing a ‘Why Us’ page that clearly outlines USP’s effectively.
    • CTA: Usage of Call to Action elements that are clearly conveyed and prominently displayed. These include Opt In Copy, enquiry forms, 1300 numbers back by incentive statements that provides a tangible offer.
    • CONVERSION TRACKING: Implement website enquiry form goal conversion tracking, call tracking and live chat tracking to measure the source and effectiveness of each online marketing channel.

All the above mentioned elements help drive a higher conversion rate and can be measured to help define the effectiveness of an SEO Campaign

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